Neutrino telescope in Northern Hemisphere

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The ANTARES project is the largest project on registration astrophysical neutrino by detection of cherenkov radiation from secondary particles, arising by neutrino interaction with substance of the Earth.

The project is situated in Mediterranean Sea to the south of Toulon. The collaboration involves the scientists from many European countries — France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Russia and Romania.

Since June, 2009 the group of the Lomonosov Moscow State University takes part in the project. This site tells about activity of our group as a part of the project, about our contribution to the collaboration, etc. Our group consists of young researchers of MSU Skobeltsyn Nuclear Physics Institute and Faculty of Physics.

Our activity in the project proceeds in the fruitful cooperation with other scientific centre, particulary, with Group III from National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Genoa, Italy)

We hope that these materials will help for all, who works in field of neutrino physics, studies this section of physics or simply is interested in this matter.

Latest news:

We present our condolences to our colleagues from INFN (Genoa) because natural calamity in the city.

Past events:

Moscow Meeting

The ANTARES Collaboration Meeting was held June 6-10, 2011

All photos from ANTARES Collaboration Meeting you can download here

Slides from ANTARES Collaboration Meeting you can download here and there (with password)

The First Joint Seminar MSU-ITEP about activity in ANTARES was held 8-9th of September 2010 in MSU Nuclear Physics Institute. We have listened the messages of researchers and students from MSU and ITEP groups, participating in the project, and our foreign colleagues.

Here you can learn more about the First Joint Seminar MSU-ITEP.

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