Neutrino telescope in Northern Hemisphere

Participation of MSU in ANTARES collaboration

Since June, 2009 the group of the Lomonosov Moscow State University takes part in the project. Our group consists of young researchers of MSU Skobeltsyn Nuclear Physics Institute and Faculty of Physics.

There are some results of our activities in collaboration below:

M. Anghinolfi, A. Bersani, K. Fratini, M. Osipenko, M. Taiuti, V. Kulikovsky, A. Plotnikov, E. Shirokov
"Study of the response of the ANTARES detector instrumented with direction-sensitive optical modules". (text)

M. Anghinolfi, A. Afanas’ev, V. Kulikovskiy, E. Shirokov
"The first results of MSU groups in ANTARES project". (slides)

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