Neutrino telescope in Northern Hemisphere

The First Joint Seminar MSU-ITEP

The First Joint Seminar MSU-ITEP about activity in ANTARES was held 8-9th of September 2010 in MSU Nuclear Physics Institute. There was messages of researchers and students from MSU and ITEP groups, participating in the project, and of our foreign colleagues.

Programm and slides

Wednesday, September 8

10:30 Greetings from the SINP MSU B. Ishkhanov

10:40 Status of ANTARES at MSU E. Shirokov

11:00 Status of ANTARES at ITEP A. Rostovtsev

11:15 Status of ANTARES M. Anghinolfi pdf

11:45 Status of Nemo-KM3NET A. Capone

Lunch - Coffee

14:00 Analysis of the ANTARES data for SN neutrino detection V. Kulikovskiy pdf

14:30 Calibration using Potassium-40 and muon flux measurements D. Zaborov pdf

15:00 MC simulation of Optical Modules and comparison with the data Y. Yakovenko pdf

15:30 New methods of a data quality control for the neutrino telescope ANTARES E. Gracheva pdf

16:00 Baikal Neutrino Experiment Team of G. Domogatsky pdf

Thursday, September 9

10:00 Organization of the next Antares meeting in Moscow

Lunch - Coffee

14:00 Discussion on future developments of our collaboration


Prof. M. Anghinolfi (INFN, Genova)

Prof. A. Capone (INFN, Rome)

Prof. M. Anghinolfi, prof. A. Rostovtsev (ITEP) and prof. A. Capone during coffee brake

V. Aynutdinov, Ph. D. (Team of G. Domogatsky, Academy of Sciences associate, INR)

Students of the Moscow State University during the seminar

D. Zaborov (ITEP)

E. Shirokov(MSU)

V. Kulikovskiy (MSU NPI - INFN, Genova)

Faculty of Physics MSU senior student E. Gracheva

Faculty of Physics MSU senior student Y. Yakovenko


All photos in better quality here.

All slides - there.

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